Deep Flex™

Deep FlexDeep Flex™ offers molds for many different applications, including plaster, resin and concrete casting. As well as, candy molds, candle molds and new soap molds. Our extensive line of accessories, tools and finishing products includes everything from beginning to completion for any casting project. 

We have a full line of Artscape concrete molds, plaster molds and resin molds. Many of our molds are featured on our website, however we have over 4,000 molds available in our catalog. 

We also make Custom Thermoforming Molds. Deep Flex™ Plastic Molds, Inc. can provide almost any mold imaginable for you. If you have a special design in mind for a mold, we can make it for you. We are known as the premier supplier of high quality and economical plastic molds. Creativity and quality are our trademarks.

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