Yaley Enterprises, Inc.

We take pride in offering quality products and customer service for over 35 years!

Yaley Enterprises is the outgrowth of Paragon Wax Refining Company. The Yaley Family established Paragon Wax in 1937. For four generations, the company has specialized in the formulation of custom blended waxes for industrial and commercial use. They supply specialty waxes for packaging, the food industry, custom wax applications and have been a major supplier of highly refined waxes for candle manufacturers. Paragon wax was sold to a large chemical company in 1989. 

In the late sixties, the "flower children" of San Francisco came to the refinery to purchase wax for their candles. They requested the other needed supplies to make their candles such as wicks, dyes, scents, molds etc. Hence, Yaley Enterprises was formed. Tom Yaley, founder and president, has been operating the company since that time. In 1999 Tom Yaley, Jr. joined the company and is now working with his father in the business. 

Because the Yaley family has had over 60 years experience in supplying waxes to candle manufacturers, they formulate the finest quality waxes, scents and dyes available. Their waxes are made for specific uses such as glass fill wax, shaping wax, dipping and taper waxes and other waxes needed for unique and professional candle crafting. Yaley's premium wax is specifically formulated for the candle crafter to produce candles that will burn slow and smokeless and have a high luster and sheen. In 1974, Tom Yaley Sr. introduced the "Dip n' Carve Candle" which is still widely manufactured throughout the United States. In 1996 Yaley introduced their bottle sealing wax which is a blend of specialty FDA approved waxes which will provide a moisture-resistant coating to preserve the product. 

In 1999 Yaley expanded and introduced their Soapsations® line of soap making supplies to the craft industry. 

Yaley Enterprises has been selling to most of the major distributors and chains in the craft industry since 1970. They also private label for several companies manufacturing such items as ski wax, surf wax, eye wax for doll making, fire starters, etc.  

Yaley has always prided itself on quality products and customer service and has been giving both for over 30 years. 

Our warehouse is located at 7664 Avianca Drive, Redding, CA  96002.  Phone: (530) 365-5252 or 1-800-95-YALEY (1-800-959-2539).  Email: info@yaley.com. Our business hours are 8:00am - 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday - Thursday.  We are now closed Friday - Sunday.  We do offer will-call pickup of orders, but require that you place your order with us at least 24 hours prior to picking it up.

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